Bite Evaluation for Breeding Dogs

•The purpose of a bite evaluation is to assess the likelihood an individual dog may have genetic dental problems.

•Assessment looks at many factors to draw a probability of genetic dental problems….missing teeth, jaw length, position of each tooth relative to other teeth, etc.

•Puppies do not have permanent tooth eruption until after six months of age.  Puppy teeth may be normal and still have adult teeth abnormalities.  The best time to evaluate the mouth is when all adult teeth have erupted and most of the jaw length is already determined-this is at approximately ten months of age.

•Bite (occlusion) problems may skip generations.  It is still helpful to see both parents of a pup to see if their teeth and mouth are normal.

•Each breed has different acceptable standards for dental abnormalities.  These guidelines can usually be found on professional web sites.

1.  The appointment for a bite evaluation will begin with your dog being taken to our photo lighting area for photographs of the teeth.

2.  The photos of your dog’s mouth are printed.

3.  Dr. Prescott then comes in to the exam room to meet you, sit down and look at your dog’s photos and normal bite teeth models.  Conclusions are then discussed. Your dog’s photos of the mouth are sent home with you, including photos of normal dog teeth for future reference. 

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