Speaking Engagements

Dr. Prescott is accepting requests for future speaking engagements on the topic of small animal veterinary dentistry.  Below are some popular topics others have found helpful but we are open to any suggestions.

Lecture topics - DVM

Pain management and antibiotic use for our dental patients. One hour.
Should antibiotics be used for every teeth cleaning, which antibiotics to use and when will be discussed. The most common dental pain management dilemma in veterinary medicine is under-usage of pain prevention medications.  Which medications to use and when will be covered.

Pedodontics: Evaluation of bites, deciduous teeth, malocclusions. One hour.
The young patient’s dental needs differ from the adult and common maladies associated with the young patient will be discussed.

Carnassial tooth disease. One hour.
This session will cover all aspects of carnassial tooth disease of the upper fourth premolar and the lower first molar of the dog and cat.  There is more to know than we thought.

Canine tooth disease. One hour.
This session will cover everything you wanted to know about canine teeth in dogs and cats.

Root canal disease: what is this and how do I know when my patients have it?
Endodontics is covered from the aspects of identifying it as behavioral changes of our patients, radiographically and clinically.  Treatment options are discussed including what is a root canal and when is it indicated.

My favorite dental tips. One hour.
A compilation of ways to make dentistry easier, more profitable and pleasurable.

Marketing dentistry in the exam room. One hour.
Small animal practice problems are mostly those of skin, ears and teeth.  Dental sales and marketing will improve your bottom line.

Cat dentistry: resorptive lesions and stomatitis. One hour.
These are two of the most common dental problems of cats.

Intensive dental training: Everything you should have learned in vet school but didn’t.  8 hours.

Dental radiology. One- two hours.

Lecture topics - Nurses

A through teeth cleaning. Two hours. NURSES.
How to perform a through teeth cleaning cage to cage 30 minutes including placement of IV catheter and recovery during that time. 

Probing, charting and oral diagnosis. One hour. NURSES.
Our nurses are vital in the recognition of dental disease and need to know about these common dental diseases.

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