What Clients Say

"I am so sorry that I didn't know about you 6 months ago....Priscilla is like a new cat...or more like a kitten.  She has been eating very well and has been running around and playing with cat toys like a kitten....which she never did since I have had her...even before the stomatitis.  Thank you so much for what you did for Priscilla."  Anita S.

"My pet recieved excellent care. I am so greatful that Dr Prescott's expertise was available to us. Thank you very much."  Rosemary M.

"Thank you very much for helping Tyson with his broken tooth.  He is a hot topic of talk in our subdivision.  Everybody thinks he is cute with his new tooth!"  Jeff and Ida C.

"Thank you for helping out our furry son, Max!"  Deana L.

"Everyone was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable."  Betty C.

"I also wanted to let you know how very thankful we are for coming to you for Wesley’s dental surgery.  With the pain finally gone, he is almost puppy-like again.  Just playful and full of energy.  At 10.5 years of age, it is just remarkable to see him doing so well!  You can certainly tell he is happy!  We also greatly appreciate the VIP treatment he received and getting to sit out front.  You and your team truly took great care of our loving Labrador and all showed genuine compassion and affection for the dogs.   This, on top of being very professional too, priceless.  Thank you!"  Mary K.

"After all our little Clancy went through, we thank you Dr. Prescott and your great staff for being there for him.  He is feeling so much better."  Sondra C.

"Maggie's care was way more than good-it was excellent.  Compassionate, competent, skillful, loving-I could go on and on.  It was so apparent that Dr. Prescott and her staff loved and cared for Maggie like she was their own.  Maggie did great after her surgery and had a clean bill of health at her follow-up visit today.  We are so thankful for all of you!"  Brett and Cathy R.

"I was very pleased.  Everybody I spoke with seemed very caring and competent.  I felt that Puddy was in very good hands.  The improvement of her quality of life is the reason I sought treatment for her.  I also greatly appreciated that regard I was given.  Nobody rushed me and all my questions were answered.  And being able to talk with Dr. Prescott after hours was a big plus.  Thank you."  Karen F.

"I was glad to see a Vet like I would be. Treating the patient and the family. A wonderful experience for us and I’m sure Cheyenne has new friends."  Daisy M.

"We love Dr. Prescott!!!! Thank you so much for Zander's tender care. We were able to get in the next morning even tho I called in the afternoon the day before. She immediately gave a concise, easy to understand explanation of what was going on, the treatment options, and what to expect. We had no hesitation at all leaving our pup in her care.

Zander needed a little extra care when we went to pick him up and Dr. Prescott and the staff handled it immediately. We felt they went above and beyond and were very grateful that all of the bases were covered.

We received a thorough overview of aftercare and what to expect. I was able to call the office with questions and my concerns were handled quickly and efficiently. All of the staff were excellent and I felt that not only was Zander treated very well - but I was treated with the same caring professionalism. To be honest, I probably needed more care than the pup because I was so worried about him!

Zander has had a complete recovery with no complications. His adult teeth have come in without any problems. We know his speedy recovery was due to the excellent care at DOMC.

Thank you Dr. Prescott and Staff!!!"   Nita A.

"Dr Prescott took such care of my dog after her accident. She kept the dog and I calm and explained everything. She is an excellent doctor and her team was wonderful. Everyone seemed like they cared for Lenny as if she was their own." Lizz I.

"Thank you for the great care you gave to our dog Ace.  He is doing very well-he was so excited when he finally got to play ball again!!  Everyone in your office was wonderful-very caring not only about Ace but me as well!  Thank you."  Cindy S.

"Staff was exceptional!  We appreciated the phone calls to let us know how she was doing.  Overall, better service then we would get if we had a procedure done.  Mattie is happy now that she can pick up a ball or frisbee."  Carrie C.

"Thank you for your flexible schedule and accommodating us given our out-of-state travel."  Jean V.D.

"Just wanted to thank everyone for being so great with Garcia!  The whole staff was fantastic!! Really appreciate how much time Dr. Prescott took to explain everything.  He is doing great.  Thanks again!"  Alana W.

"Was enjoyable and relaxing environment."  Norma H.

"We were very impressed with your dental services.  Thank you for taking such great care of our dog, Cora.  We will be sure to send others your way!  Cora's crowns look amazing, and we are happy that you could preserve her teeth.  Many thanks!"  Callie R.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Saber is doing better than he has been in years!  Great, great staff!!"  Trisha S.

"We will highly recommend you to anyone that needs dental work.  We lvoed how we were treated and the care Chloe received.  She is going crazy climbing stairs and running around.  We greatly appreciate all the time you took to explain the procedure.  Chloe is on her last week of antibiotics.  She is feeling great!  Thanks so much!"  Debbie B. and Steve D.

"Vino was well taken care of, he is so much better.  Thank you."  Susan B.

"Thanks for taking the time to educate."  Scott D.

"We will be back if needed and will recommend to others.  Thank you."  Pamela T.

"Dr. Prescott's staff is wonderful!  They treated me as well as they did Sabrina.  Highly recommend this practice!"  Rosemarie H.

"Everyone was so kind and caring and we are thrilled with the results of our baby's root canal and crown."  Sarah G.

"The staff went above and beyond in addressing our concerns and making our pet comfortable.  A+ all around!"  Heather R.

"I never worried about Bumper while he was at Dr. Prescott's.  I knew that he was being taken care of by a doctor and a staff that are exceptional at what they do.  I appreciated the phone calls during Bumper's surgery letting me know about his progress."  Dr. Jo Ellen C.   

"I think his tooth may have been infected for awhile and we didn't realize it. So I'm glad I went ahead and pursued it.  Very caring staff."  Sue N.

"Turned out not to be a dental problem.  But truly appreciated the caring staff and Dr. treating my 14 year old cat.  I thought I was going to lose him.  Thanks so much."  Lisa R.

"Thank you for giving Phyllis a new lease on life.  She is pretty much her normal self.  Her appetite has returned, but most importantly, Phyllis is alert.  Again, thank you for the 'priceless gift' you have given my 'sweet' Phyllis."  Marlene C.

"Buddy is doing great now.  I really appreciate how friendly and caring everyone was."  Malinda C.

"We had a wonderful experience.  Thanks to Dr. Prescott and staff for making us feel so comfortable leaving our 'furry baby' in such loving and capable hands.  It was also wonderful to have such access to the shopping center, food locations and movie theater.  Your instructions and directions gave us plenty of options to keep 'busy' as we waited on our baby."  Laura B.

"Great care and concern.  Dog is happy and doing well."  Ann M.

"Dr. Prescott is so loving and caring while displaying professionalism in dealing with patients as well as their Mommy.  The entire staff was out of this world!  Even with the long drive, Isabel, Charlie and Spike will come visit for their dental needs.  I don't know how to begin to thank Dr. Prescott."  Leslie W.

"What a wonderful experience, it was worth the drive from WV.  I feel so much better about Hattie's teeth and know now what I need to do to keep her healthy.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of our baby."  Linda H.

"The staff and Dr. Prescott were great.  Keep up the good work."  Claude C.

"Frankie is free of pain, eating very well, and happier than ever before.  Thank you!"  Carol R.

"One comment would be thank you for seeing Storm on such notice.  I hope my dogs are never in need of medical attention but if they are I hope you will be the treating doctor."  Roger C.

"No words could express how grateful and impressed we were with the quality of care and genuine concern for our pet's well-being that we received.  Our pet is our family member and that is exactly how Dr. Prescott and her staff made us feel.  We are forever thankful and so is Zeus."  Christine N.

"Dr. Prescott and Staff-Thank you so much for giving Sulley back his life.  He is a new dog!  You all are miracle workers!  Thanks again!"  Sulley & The Purk Family

"I appreciated how much you cared about saving Ripley's tooth and making his visits pleasant for him."  Adrienne P.

"Excellent care both for the pet and for me.  A difficult though successful decision."  James E.

"This was by far the best experience I could have asked for.  Everyone was great!  They made me feel comfortable in every way.  I would recommend your services to anyone in need.  Thanks for everything."  Tabatha A.

"The staff and doctor were great.  Everything was thoroughly explained and gone over.  It was a great experience!  Magic is worth it!"  Deb C.

"Overall a very good experience and Crookshanks is doing well."  Paulette L.

"Franklin received wonderful treatment and all of my concerns were dealt with professionally and with respect."     Jill G.

"Dr. Prescott-Thank you for your excellent care of Kelsey.  You and your entire staff are friendly, helpful and professional-it's evident you all are pet lovers."  Hank B.

"Really impressed with the facilities and treatment."  Brent S.

"Dr. Prescott was very knowledgeable as well as the entire staff.  All of my questions were answered, and with great detail.  Thank you so much for taking such great care of Baby!  You are all a great group of people!"  Jennifer M.

"Dakota's gums have healed beautifully.  I can tell that he feels better and his happier."  Kathy S.

"Thank you for helping Madison to feel better.  The care you provided her was top notch and we were all treated very well by everyone on the staff."  Melissa and Chris A.

"Absolutely fantastic job!  Thank you so much!"     Clifford O.

"We're very happy with your services.  The staff took good care of us as well as our baby, Holly. "     Crystal and John A.

"I was very pleased with the service.  You will never know how much my daughter and I appreciated what you did Dune and how you comforted me during this hard time."     J.J. L.

"Very positive experience.  We would/will recommend you to our friends.  Fluffy is a much happier cat."     Marilyn J. and Monte M.

"Very impressed with the quality of service and will recommend Dr. Prescott to any pet owner.  Thank you so much."     Aaron C.

"Thank you for all of your care with Tucker.  He is doing well."    Duane A.

"When we went to see Dr. Prescott, we had no idea of the amount of pain Peter was in.  After the procedure and healing, you can see a different look on his entire face.  Thank you very much."     Stephen and Melanie V.

"Money well spent for the good info about dog dental care.  Everyone was friendly.  An enjoyable visit."     Doug E.

"Dr. Prescott was very caring and did not hesitate to take care of Simon when he was sick."     Pam T.

"I appreciate how kind and understanding the staff was-to both me and Pearl.  At times that are so stressful, it's nice to find that compassion to help you through!"     Jennifer F.

"Dr. Prescott, many thanks for what you did for my Dinah.  My daughter, Lea says her 'mouth looks great and all is going well.'  Happy dog & happy owner!"     Nancy O.

"We could not be more pleased with the service we received.  Ben is doing well because of your loving care."     Tom and Sandy H.

"My experience at the clinic was very good."     Carolyn M.

"Franky seems to have adjusted to his braces and doing very well.  We are thankful for Dr. Prescott's expertise."     Vivian V.

"Rusty got exceptional care from all of you."     Kay R.

"Not only did you save my pet's life, I believe you added years to Spanky's life as well."     Ronnie B.

"The staff was professional and at the same time showed care and concern for Bianca."    Mary C.

"All of you went above and beyond anything I might have expected."    Kaye M.

"Dr. Prescott was very thorough and the staff was very professional and helpful."     Cheryl L.

"Dr. Prescott and team are the best-they show concern for their patients as well as their over protetcive owners."     Scott B.

"Dr. Prescott and the entire staff were extremely compassionate and helpful both before our vist and during."     Sarah K.

"I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff and with Dr. Prescott's follow-up and concern for Sydney."     Debbie R.

"Dr. Prescott and her staff made our visit to their facility as pleasant as possible and they treated Ty like he was their own."     Christen V.

"I was very comfotable with your office."     Barb S.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"     Carol S.

"Everything and everyone was wonderful and now my dog is not in pain anymore and back to her old self."     Lisa M.

"Since you see pet's from very far distances, I thought it was a nice gesture of sending me home with canned food, so that I didn't have to make any stops on my drive back home."     Karen F.

"Frasier rebounded very quickly just like Dr. P. predicted.  He does genuinely seem to fell better."     Daniel F.

"I really appreciate your thoroughness and willingness to communicate and involve us in Peaches' care."  Tanya B.

"Dr. Prescott clearly explained procedures and options.  I was pleased that I got to sit with Penny when she was recovering from dental surgery."     Lavonne H.

"I appreciated the personal care from Dr. Prescott."     Joan B.

"Everyone was kind and caring and it was a very nice experience."  Jeannie B.

"I liked everything about our visit and Shadow now works pain free and happy."     Police Officer Mike

"We felt the service we recieved at the time of surgery was excellant and we were amazed at how quickly she bounced back afterwards."     Nona D.

"I was very pleased with the care given to Pearl during and after surgery."     Donna L.

"Dr. Prescott's consultation was precise and informative."     Micheal G.

"I was able to go back anytime I wanted to watch, I didn't feel like anything was being hidden.  Putter was made very comfortable, they even warmed him in recovery."     Cheryl S.

"Thank you! Everyone was very friendly and accommodating."     Brenda W.

"His tooth looks fabulous."     Dr. Arnold, DVM

"I appreciated the time that Dr. Prescott took to talk with me and explain the procedure."     Alicia P.

"Not only did we get a broken tooth taken care of, Dr. Prescott also discovered several other issue's in Cedar's mouth  which I was unaware of."     Dr. Walden, DVM

"It was a positive experience for me.  I learned more about cats from the testing that was done."     Martha W.

"My only regret is that I didn't have your name the first time Sally had problems in her mouth."     Marcy S.

"The kindness and professionalism of the staff made a very stressfull trip worthwhile."     Kathy G.

"I believe Magnum feels better, just wish we had done it sooner."     Debbie T.

"We are grateful for Buttons' care and glad our paths have crossed."     Karen M.

I looked in the dictionary to find the meaning of the words: Dear, Sweet, Professional, Great and there was your picture."     Sharon S.

"Nice, clean, efficent, helpful and supportive.  I am a big fan. We will always be grateful."     George H.

"The care and attention that Phoenix received was outstanding.  I was very impressed how the hospital was geared to patient comfort."     Terry L.

"We are grateful for Buttons' care and glad our paths have crossed."     Karen M.

"Dr. Prescott clearly described the dental options and treatment for Buddy.  If I ever need dental work for my dogs, I will return to Ohio Vet Dental."     Roy B.

"I try to provide the very best of everything for my dogs.  That's why Jago is in your care."     Wilma A.

"Buddy is doing so much better! We had been dealing with his mouth problem for over 2 years and it is like Ohio Vet Dental fixed it overnite."     Betty S.

"The facility was clean and the staff was helpful."     Anne D.

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