Dental Pain in Pets

Pain in Dogs

Dogs are descended from the wolf and their behavior today is similar to the behavior of wolves.  This becomes important when it comes to determining if a dog is in pain or not.  In the wolf pack, weakness of a pack member may endanger the entire pack.  Pain is felt but not shown by the wolf.  Showing signs of pain would be to show weakness.  Wolves will kill a member of their own pack for the safety of the pack.  One of the most common areas dogs do not show signs of pain are with dental pain.  They feel the pain and chew on the other side.  If you have tooth pain, you still go about your day at work but not in the most cheerful mood and you chew on the other side of your mouth.

Pain in Cats

Like dogs, it is often difficult to assess cats with dental pain.  Painful conditions cats suffer are resorptive lesions and feline stomatitis.  Stomatitis is the most painful condition a cat can experience in it's lifetime.  Stomatitis is excruciatingly painful.

Ohio Veterinary Dental Service will use many different methods to treat and prevent pain in your pet.

"Before we came to Dr. Prescott, Leftie hadn't shown us any sign he was in pain because of his dental problem. So we were surprised that after his dental work the two 'worry' creases between his eyes has flattened."  Diane C.

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