Pricing Guidelines

The consultation with Dr. Prescott lasts approximately 45 minutes and cost $124.
Treatment options and cost can be discussed at that time.

Why can’t we give you a quote on the phone?

Suppose you have a broken ankle and you want to call to find out how much it costs to fix it.

Which method will be the right choice to fix the broken ankle? 

On the phone, the doctor cannot tell which treatment method will be the right choice for the patient until examined in the office. 

A treatment plan is needed to determine cost and thus the pricing guidelines below:

Dental X-rays

Extraction costs

Root canal (to save a tooth)


Feline Stomatitis treatment full mouth extractions

Orthodontic malocclusions (teeth not in the correct place)

Anesthesia costs charged per minute partially include:
ECG (heart monitor)
Blood pressure
Pulse oximeter (oxygen in the blood)
Apnea monitor (breathing)

Payment methods: 

"Thank you for working with us to develop a special treatment plan for Mandie and for educating us on home care.  Thanks for your expertise and professionalism."  Jill E.

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