Pricing Guidelines

What will advanced dental care for my pet cost?
The consultation with Dr. Prescott is $88.29 and takes approximately 45 minutes. 

Each problem has many different methods of treatment.  The doctor will discuss with you the treatment options, expected outcomes and costs.  You can then make an informed decision that is best for you and your pet. Before beginning any treatment, a written estimate will be given for your approval.  

Why can’t we give exact quotes before examining your pet?
Suppose you have a broken bone.  How much will it cost to fix the broken bone?   So many factors are involved…..which bone is it, is it broken into two pieces or many little pieces,  how does the bone feel when the doctor examines it and presses on it, are the bones still growing or does the patient already have arthritis, what is the health condition of the same body part on the opposite side of the body, what is the patient’s activity level, is it causing pain now, what is the pain threshold of the patient, can we Velcro splint it, cast it or does it need a metal bone plate done at surgery. If it needs to go to surgery, what is the patient anesthetic risk?
As you can see, development of a treatment plan is a complex medical decision.  Most cases have more than one treatment option, including dental problems.  It is our goal to help you preserve your pet’s teeth and provide a pain free life for your loved one.

Pricing guidelines
Frequently there are different treatment options for each dental problem.
Once diagnosis is confirmed, treatment options and accurate estimates will be provided in writing.
    - Extractions  $60-300 per tooth (includes simple and surgical extractions) plus anesthesia related costs.*
    - Root canal  $500-1100 per tooth plus anesthesia related costs.*
    - Crown  $300-500 per tooth plus anesthesia related costs.*
    - Feline stomatitis full mouth extractions $1000-2500 plus anesthesia related costs.*
    - X-rays (dental)  $20-170 plus anesthesia related costs.*
    - Orthodontic cases-too individual to give guidelines.*

*General anesthesia costs vary by each case with considerations of surgery time, size of pet, complexity of case, and pre-existing medical conditions. These costs  cannot be determined prior to an exam.  Anesthesia monitoring includes: ECG, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and a dedicated, licensed nurse watching your pet take every breath. Monitoring continues into the recovery period. In addition to the licensed nurse monitoring your pet, there are additional nurses that assist the doctor during surgery. In addition, under such costs are medication of local blocks for pain control, IV antibiotics, IV narcotics, etc. as deemed recommended for pain free surgery.

Payment methods: 
    - Cash, personal check (with drivers license), Mastercard, and Visa. 
    - We do NOT accept Care Credit, Discover or American Express.

"Thank you for working with us to develop a special treatment plan for Mandie and for educating us on home care.  Thanks for your expertise and professionalism."  Jill E.

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